Lane departure/ Lane assist / Impairement warning

Lane Departure Warning (LDW) assists the driver to maintain his/her lane position, giving a warning if the vehicle crosses lane markings unintentionally. The warning can be acoustic or haptical (vibration or small torque on the steering wheel or driverís seat). The system maintains the vehicle position by detecting lane markings or street boundaries via a video sensor. A warning occurs only above a certain minimum speed. Specific driver actions, e.g. setting the indicator, suppress the warning. The system is intended to operate on highways or equivalent roads, and can if necessary be switched off by the driver.

Impairment Warning (IW) alerts tired and distracted drivers. A camera monitors the carís movements between the lane markings and calculates the risk of the driver losing control of the vehicle. A message in the display advises the driver if it is time to take a break.

LDW and IW will be tested by the following vehicle manufacturers: